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Camping is one of the more rewarding ways to spend a holiday.

Firstly, whilst enjoying your camping holiday you get to see some of the more interesting parts of this wonderful country, Australia, that are away from the more commercial holiday venues.
Secondly, apart from the fact that the cost of your holiday is likely to be much lower, the camping community is probably the most social society that there is. In our camping experiences which span over a period of some 50 odd years, we have found the camping community to be the most helpful part of society. If you experience any problem, small or large, you will nearly always find someone in the camping community who is able and willing to assist you in solving your problem. 

 We hope that through your visit to this camping site that you will be able to find the answers to your questions, whether you are a new comer to the camping world or a more experienced camper.

There are different types of camping, Tenting, Trailer Tenting and Caravanning. Also there are different types of people who go camping, from the young to the old, individuals, couples and families. All these combination's will affect what is needed to be able to enjoy your camping experience.
We will supply as much information as we are able to in our site and include links to places that will be able to give you more detailed information than can be included in one site.
If you would like to know something that our site has not yet included. We would appreciate you using our contact page or blog to let us know and we will find the answer for you.